1 PARENT's subscription - My first DVD - ARTEcureuil - 2016/2017 +

1 PARENT's subscription - My first DVD - ARTEcureuil - 2016/2017

1 PARENT's subscription - My first DVD - ARTEcureuil - 2016/2017

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1 PARENT's subscription - My first DVD - ARTEcureuil - 2016/2017

A many of you know, ARTE is a renowned cultural French-German production company and tv channel, famous for its involvement in educational programs.
For the 2016 / 2017 school year, ARTE Editions has imagined 2 educational subscriptions called ARTEcureuil & ARTElephant especially designed for preschools. These subscriptions have been approved by the French Ministry of Education and over 500 pre-schools are using them in France.

Through these productions, the children will have the pleasure to discover selected educational short animated movies of great quality such as :

Package ARTEcureuil: (Petite section- moyenne section)

Pat et Mat, 2014
Les Nouvelles Aventures de Gros-pois et Petit-point, 2015
La Petite Taupe et la fusee, 1968/1976
Les Contes de la Mere Poule, 2001

You can also subscribe to the ARTElephant package.

Nationalité : France

The ARTElephant package is composed of 4 DVDs for the year, and the child receives one every two months (November, January, March, May).
This is available at the price of $45.
You can subscribe now to receive the DVDs. The DVDs will be given to your child by his / her teacher directly in the classroom.

It’s easy to subscribe : follow the instructions on the guide line given by the school to fill in the form.

Feel free to ask for assistance or to clear any questions regarding the subscriptions and / or the films by contacting ARTE:
by e-mail: mespremiersdvd@artefrance.com
by phone : +33 (0)1 55 00 77 99
or go and have a look on our dedicated website www.mespremiersdvd-arte.com

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  • Please note that the DVDs are of a European format (PAL), however they can be easily watched on a computer with the free VLC software.
  • Langues audio :
    • français
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  • Durée film : min.
  • Durée totale du dvd : min.

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